Your New Family Addition is our Priority


Bringing home your new baby can be one of the most exciting events of your life whilst also being the most daunting. At Baby Lane – helping you with your baby is our number one priority.

We Supply Hospital Grade Bassinet For Hire

Ease your mind by hiring a hospital grade bassinet from Baby Lane.

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8 Simple Benefits Of Baby Lane Bassinets


Your newborn baby can be viewed at all times through the clear polycarbonate sides and is at eye level when the bassinet is next to your bed. This is great peace of mind through the day and at night.


Imagine having a change table with stainless steel shelf or everything you need within arm’s reach. This goes wherever the bassinet goes so you’ll never be caught out or have to leave baby’s side.


It is always said – never wake a sleeping baby. Our bassinets have very silent rubber wheels with locks – safe, secure and perfect for when your beautiful little baby is having a peaceful sleep.


The bassinet can be filled with water and used as a bath at a convenient height for washing. This is a similar bassinet as the ones used in maternity wards so your baby will already be in comfort.


Hiring a bassinet provides you substantial financial savings when you compare purchasing a bassinet, and then having to find room to store it between babies.


Free pick up and delivery in the metropolitan area. Nothing more convenient than us delivering right to your door when you arrive home and collected when you’re ready.


Great for holiday stays for family or friends. We can also organise delivery to holiday spots orinterstate, meaning bub is cared for – just as if they were at home.


Bassinets are hospital grade,full stainless steel construction and cleaned & disinfected prior to hiring. If maternity wards use them – why shouldn’t you?